Making digital currencies easy for everyday people.

Amber is the first Australian app that lets you swap your spare change for Bitcoin and other digital assets. Get started from as little as 50c a day.

Your future is important

We're at the internet moment for digital currencies... ...and the next 20 years will see all assets and currencies go natively digital.

At Amber, we want to help you invest for and participate in this future, in a way that’s simple, safe and secure. The spare change from that coffee you buy every morning can now add up to so much more.

Security is our first name

Amber takes security very seriously. Using the latest in military-grade AES Encryption, secure storage vaults, multi-layer redundancy, and multi-factor authentication, Amber’s goal is to provide better-than-bank security for you and your funds.

Everything you'll ever need

Round Up

The change from each of your transactions


Add a little extra to each transaction

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell, at any time, from as little as 50c

Send and Receive

Real crypto, to and from other wallets and services

Plus so much more.

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