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Apart from being Australia’s first all-in-one digital currency exchange, wallet and micro-investment app, Amber is dedicated to helping everyone hold some Bitcoin.

Our team is built up with skilled individuals to make this possible who want to make your journey stress-free and understandable.

Our mission is to
provide people

exposure to

Who is Amber?

Aleksander Svetski

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and self taught writer, speaker and researcher of all things money, economics and business, Aleks founded the first ‘micro-investing’ app in Australia focused on Bitcoin. Amber was created with the hope that he could future proof the everyday person by helping them invest in Bitcoin in a way that’s simple, automated & low risk.

Who is Amber?

Chantelle de la Rey

Head of Product

Maybe superheroes are a fantasy, but Chantelle De La Rey is a real-life superwoman. With a heart-rending origin story, a desire to make the most out of her circumstances and a love for people, Chantelle is an inspiring woman in the business world.

Who is Amber?

Ashley McVeigh

Head Developer

What does Ashley and 20 pancakes have in common? they’re both full stack (and delicious). The term full stack doesn’t come easily as it requires a unique set of skills. Over the last 11 years Ashley has mastered graphic design, front-end, back-end and everything in between. He can design and build from concept to product without stopping for a breath.

Who is Amber?

Peter Young

Chief Operations Officer

With over 10 years of operational, production and software experience, Peter serves as Amber's COO. He has lead teams and companies who have a strong focus on creativity, technology and culture. The teams he has lead have been able to positively impact our society, save lives and empower change through creative thinking, user centred design and robust development.

Key Team Members

Hayden Jackson

Software Developer

Jin Shin

Front-End Developer

Ryan Neale

Customer Growth

Wafi Hossain

Back-End Developer

Yuchi Zhang

UX/UI Designer

Craig Johnson

Design & Creative

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This your opportunity to became involved in the development of Amber, making it an application for the people. If you any ideas, let us know by clicking on the button below.