Made easier for you

Amber gives you the easiest ways for you to start investing in bitcoin. Amber is designed to make your purchasing experience safe & simple.

Take the thought out of investing and let Amber do the heavy lifting for you. Purchasing, security, functionality; we have got you covered.

Investing done

Purchasing on your terms

One-time purchasing

Got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket? Invest it in to bitcoin with this quick purchasing feature.

Recurring purchasing

Putting your investment on autopilot is the simplest way to start investing. Set your amount & frequency and you are setup. Daily, weekly, monthly, it is all up to you.

*$5 minimum applies per purchase

Know where your money is

Knowing where your money is can be very important. Amber lets you know when your transactions were and what stage they are at.

Security you can trust

Amber uses the most effective banking encryption to protect you, your accounts, and your holdings. If you lose your phone, your information will be safe with Amber.